Reserva Familiar, 500 ml, Integrated Crop Production

Extremely low acidity 0.1  Certified Integrated Crop Production, Estate produced and bottled.

Picual monovarietal from Southern Spain`s Andalucia (Jaen).

This is the producer`s extremely elegant `every-day` version that surprisingly reached the same level of ultra premium purity present in their Arbequeina Premium production.

Producer:  Nobleza del Sur, southern Spain, Jaen region (Andalucia), also producing Arbequina Premium.

Taste Experience:

Another unique variation combining `earthy` and `herbacious` styles.  An initial sweet flavour profile combining flavours of leafy greens and tomato quickly transitions to herbaciousness.  Finishing with a delightful bitterness and pepper finish given its high antioxidant levels.  Persistent and lingering, with an extremely light post-sipping mouth feel.   Excellent paired with our high-quality 5-year aged PX grape dark balsamic.