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New Oils arrived (Arbequina Premium and Reserva Familiar).  2017 wards season starting...golds and a best of show coming in - check end of May for first product awards updates!   Fantastic!  Flos Olei Guide has chosen Finca la Torre Hojiblanca as best EVOO in the world for 2016, 1st time in 2014 as well.  January 2017 ranked Rincon de la Subbetica as #1 oil in world, and  Parqueoliva Gold Series  #2 in world based on total awards received in 2016 - similar results as in January 2016 for 2015 awards.  30+ awards were received by our oils in 2015 at top world competitions! Rincon #1 in world, Parqueoliva #3, Finca #5 per results at northern & southern competitions end of year as shown in:  (   Awards recognize ultimate fruit quality coupled with maximum craftsmanship/scientific know-how... experience adding amazing flavours and textures quickly, effortlessly to your food as well as healthy natural  compounds such as antioxidants/polyphenols.   Read More